24Hr Worldwide Emergency Response

Supporting you to manage large volumes of highly emotional calls

The Blake Emergency Centre provides additional capacity for our clients to enable them to manage a large volume of potentially highly emotional calls in relation to events occurring outside of their normal day to day activities.

Who We Are

Blake Emergency Centre Ltd (BEC) have the capability to provide a world-wide Public Information Centre (PIC).

Blake Emergency Services have for many years established Public Information Centres for clients in various parts of the world, however not all companies wish to maintain their own PIC and following their requests we formed Blake Emergency Centre Limited.

We are a UK based, family owned business who pride ourselves on our personal, discrete, and 24-hour international response service for a large range of different situations.

Responding to Public Telephone Enquiries

At Blake Emergency Centre we understand that every incident is different. The Blake PIC will operate in the name of the client and will deal with the public and National Authorities, gather and disseminate information, and provide support on your behalf.

  • An immediate response on behalf of the client .
  • Establishing calls that are relevant to the incident, collecting the information.
  • Diverting media calls to a Client nominated alternative number.
  • Dealing with other calls as appropriate

We focus on supporting the callers, whilst you get on with what you do best

We use our experience of large scale, highly emotional incidents, as well as other incidents generating potentially high call volumes regarding events which sit outside of an organisations business as usual activities to provide the support to callers on your behalf.

The Advantages

  • Operational 24 x 7, for as long as you need us.
  • Establishing which calls are relevant to the incident, and then collecting the appropriate information.
  • Assisting callers on your behalf.
  • Ensuring that any calls from the media are directed to an appropriate alternative number.
  • Handling other calls as appropriate. 

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