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It is important to note that the types of calls received into an emergency call centre following a major incident will vary dramatically, some maybe from concerned friends and relatives who fear their loved one has been involved in the incident, others from the media.

The call centre agents receiving these calls require specialist training to be able to support the callers in a caring yet professional manner.


Client Exercises

We encourage our clients to bring the activation of the emergency call centre into their emergency response exercising timetable.

As our client, you are always in control. The number of agents required, and the exercise duration are determined by you, and the inclusion of the emergency call centre brings in an added dimension of realism to the exercises.  Further, these call centre exercises will provide you with confidence that the emergency call centre will respond appropriately and handle calls from the public sensitively and professionally in the event of a real world emergency event.


Training of Call Centre Agents

Our call centre agents are specially selected to work in the emergency call centre based on their existing professional call handling skills, as well as their calming approach to supporting concerned and potentially upset or distraught callers.

We then provide these specially selected agents with additional training based on our knowledge and expertise in handling calls following major incidents to build on their existing call management skills. Through initial and refresher training, as well as exercising, we provide the agents with the tools to remain calm under immense pressure whilst they assist callers in a professional yet empathetic manner.

Our own proprietary training courses and emergency exercises ensure that the agents have the correct level of knowledge of the events that are likely to be taking place around a major incident so that they can apply their knowledge to difficult queries and manage the expectations of the callers on behalf of our client. The training delivered to our call centre agents includes how to use our own in-house designed proprietary software


Training of Your Call Centre Agents

For our clients who prefer to operate their own emergency call centre alongside the Blake Emergency Centre, then we can provide emergency call centre call handling training to these agents through our sister company Blake Emergency Services.

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