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Operation of the Call Centre

When a major incident is declared, or indeed any other event which falls outside of a company’s day to day activities, the number of incoming calls generated can very quickly escalate and overwhelm your system. The fully scalable Blake Emergency Centre is here to assist on a 24 hour basis for as long as you need us with professional, appropriately trained call centre agents.  

Just as you can customise the set-up of the centre at the start of our relationship, in the event of an activation, you can also customise the operation of the call centre.

Working together using your knowledge of your customers and drawing on our expertise in responding to major incidents, we agree with you the operating parameters for the centre which are then regularly reviewed to make sure they remain appropriate.


Activation Times

For our contracted clients, at any time of the day or night, the centre can be ready to start receiving calls to your dedicated number within the call centre within 45 minutes of confirmed activation and can be operational for as long as it is needed.

We understand that the demands of a major incident change quickly and with this in mind the emergency call centre can be quickly scaled up or down in terms of the number of agents, as well as the opening hours adjusted as appropriate.

On previous activations, the centre has been open for a couple of days, on others, it has been open and receiving calls for several months.



The Blake Emergency Centre has multi-national call centre agents who typically speak more than 1 language to a high level of proficiency.

Although all agents speak English, assisting callers in their preferred language wherever possible when they are in a heightened emotional state is important and preferable.  The multi-national background and language skills of our agents enables us to respond to callers from many cultural and language backgrounds with additional levels of care, which reflects the international aspect of our services.

Between our two call centres, our agents speak more than 45 different languages.  For languages not spoken in either emergency call centres, then we have access to a professional third-party translation service giving us additional capabilities.


Recording of Enquirers Details

In line with GDPR legislation, information collected from callers is recorded by our call centre agents in our proprietary in-house designed emergency call centre software with callers and individuals involved in the incident linked together within the system.

Subject to appropriate permissions, data collected can be shared with you the client in real time. Reports and analysis of data collected can be undertaken and shared with you as appropriate.

If you require the data to be presented to you in a predefined format, then we will work with you to ensure that this can be extracted appropriately from the system.


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