Our Call CentreBlake Emergency Services have for many years established Public Information Centres for clients in various parts of the world, however not all carriers wish to maintain their own PIC and following their requests we formed Blake Emergency Centre Limited to provide a world-wide Public Information Centre (PIC) capability in co-operation with International SOS, "the world's largest provider of integrated medical and security assistance".  The result is an outstanding facility that is operated by professional call centre staff all of whom have had counselling training.

When not reacting to an emergency on the scale we are considering here, they provide 24/7 support and assistance to the travelling public facing a crisis away from home.  We have taken their professional staff, and trained them to respond with the same sensitivity in a more intense and demanding situation.  We have developed an advanced software programme that has been integrated into their state of the art IT facilities and the end result is a world class PIC that is essentially European in concept, design, and approach and we have a dedicated facility that is on permanent standby for this contingency.

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