The Functions

The Call CentreThe Blake PIC will operate in the name of the Client and will deal with the public and National Authorities, gather and disseminate information, and arrange travel and other support on behalf of the Client.

Responding to Public Telephone Enquiries

  • An immediate response on behalf of the client .
  • Establishing calls that are relevant to the incident, collecting the information.
  • Diverting media calls to a Client nominated alternative number.
  • Dealing with other calls as appropriate.

If they prefer, members of the public can also register their interest by e-mail and will receive an immediate automated e-mail acknowledgement that will be followed up by a telephone call.

Liaison with Relatives

  • Providing continuous information
  • Advising on location and welfare of the passenger or crew member when authorised to do so by the appropriate authority and the Client
  • Assisting in travel and accommodation requirements
  • Assisting in Repatriation of hospitalised survivors or the deceased

Liaison with the Police

  • Provision of data in Interpol accepted format
  • Agreed pre-incident operating procedures with the UK and other Police Forces.

Liaison with the Client

  • Constant liaison with the Client at both Headquarters and Incident Location
  • Client Representative in the Call Centre will be essential.

Travel Bureau

Once given appropriate guidelines by the client, the PIC can provide travel and accommodation support for survivors and relatives.  The client has full visibility of the process through its representative at the facility and also by means of regular updates from the PIC to the Crisis Management Centre.  Financial and management control remains with the client at all times, while at the same time relieving the client of the task itself.  It also means that survivors and relatives do not have to deal with a different set of people, which helps to maintain some form of stability and continuity for them.