The Facility

The FacilityThe Blake PIC is a dedicated facility, available as a call centre on a 24/7/365 basis on a secure site. 

There is full capacity power generator back up, that is regularly tested and fully maintained.

Computerised System, with Hard Copy backup for additional security.

It can be activated within 45 minutes of confirmed notification. 

A toll free facility is available when requested by the Client in most countries (the availability is dependent on the facilities within the country involved and not on the capability of the call centre).

The operatives are fully trained professional call centre staff and some are medically qualified.  Many are bi- and multilingual and they are supported by an instantaneous 3rd Party translation service.

 If necessary or appropriate, any of 28 Liaison Centres located around the world can be utilised to interface with the PIC, the National Authority at the Incident Site and the Client, providing live time information to all concerned.

Following activation the facility is constantly monitored by the Blake Command Centre.

PIC training and exercises are carried out several times per year to ensure the upmost efficiency of both the operation and response.